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Our mission

InAdvans develops digital strategies for the regulated healthcare professions, deploying services targeted towards industrial actors in the medical sector, insurers, mutuals funds and benefit institutions.

Our solutions integrate the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the digital transformation of the sectors adn/or the development of new services, enabling our client to securely capture and manage health data.


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75008 Paris, France
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We possess a strong medical and market access expertise for processing and collecting health data for medicine uses specifically devoted to Health professionals


We offer privacy and compliant by design solutions and we evaluate  all legal constraints  upstream their conception


Our team of developers possesses strong expertise and  experience  in  the health sector

Our services and solutions can support you in the following areas...

Web and mobiles applications edition

We developed a wide range of web platforms and mobile applications ready-to-use, compliant by design and customizable. We provide different connectors to resolve specific needs to existing solutions

Custom development

If your needs are more specific, we can build a unique, on-demand solution. We develop ad-hoc web and mobile solutions to answer your unmet business needs

Project management assistance

We support your project management by our three-dimensional expertise: technology, medical and regulatory

Consulting, conformity & audit

We provide support for tactical digital transformation strategies fot the regulated health professions. We give strategic recommendations considering the legal dimension

Our digital applications

cover a wide range of business needs for the regulated healthcare professions and for the insurance industry

Digital management
for expandes access programs

Real-time pharmacovigilance data collection

Reporting of adverse affects
of cosmetics

Collection of declarations for adverse affects of medical devices

Pharmacovigilance e-learning platform for collaborators or services providers

Clinical trial patient support program

Treatment adherence

Pharmaceutical interview

monitoring support

Health quastionnaires
and satisfaction surveys

Improve interactions between health professionals and patients

Post-market clinical follow-up studies for Medical Devices (MDR 2017/745)

Study software solution for the connected medical devices or applications

Video/audio/written testimonial platform
for patients

Online quote

Secure exchange
of medical documentation




Manage and compare the GDPR compliance of your subcontractors


Functional modules




Cumulative years of experience



Our Projects

Digital management of Early Access Programs (EAP)/Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS)
The digital solution InAdvans atu2e is a web platform covering by default 90% of the business needs requiring in the regulated processes of EAP Characterized by a very ergonomic and user-friendly front-office it is customizable and adaptable to any more specific need. Since 2015, 5 pharmaceutical companies of the TOP 10 world use it with great satisfaction. To date, this platform, used by oncologists, hematologists, cardiologists, and psychiatrists, has managed the market access of 16 innovative therapies.
Post Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) of Medical Devices
The European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) EU Regulation 2017/745 tie PMCF data more closely to post-market surveillance and clinical evaluation report requirements. Medical device companies will have to deploy specific patient tracking solutions that facilitate clinical monitoring, the doctor-patient relationship, and the ability to capture real-life clinical data. The device2PRO solution, developed in partnership with Bien Etre Assistance, makes it possible to convert this compliance constraint for DM companies into a relational opportunity with patients and healthcare professionals.
Patient support web platform

The pharmaceutical company SOBI had set up a web platform to support and accompany people with hemophilia. The aim was to provide an information service on the disease, its consequences, its impact on lifestyle and its management.

InAdvans has integrated its "key2e" connector within the www.hemophilesenmouvements site in order to secure the implementation of a personal patient space offering the user to search for information useful in their daily life and allowing access to personalized advice. integrating quizzes.

Web platform for pharmaceutical interviews

As part of the pharmacist's new missions defined in the pharmaceutical agreement, the GIPHAR pharmacy group wanted to set up a web platform to carry out pharmaceutical interviews in pharmacies. Beyond conventional interviews, the group wanted to be able to conduct screening interviews according to regular campaigns.

InAdvans has configured its “pharma2e” technological brick specifically for the group. The solution called " J’accompagne mes patients " makes it possible to facilitate and secure the implementation of pharmaceutical interviews within an ergonomic web platform and to centralize data for scientific analyses.

Digital pregnancy register

Within the framework of the European Risk Management Plan for the EllaOne product, at the request of the EMA, the pharmaceutical company HRA Pharma wanted to digitalize the pregnancy register set up to facilitate the collection of medical data on pregnancies from patients with been exposed to ellaOne.

InAdvans has configured its “drug2e” solution for the EllaOne register, translated into 26 languages, allowing healthcare professionals and patients to complete an online questionnaire in order to optimize the monitoring of pregnancies exposed to ellaOne by an efficient data collection system.

Platform for the management and the evaluation of GDPR compliance

InAdvans, in partnership with the company Legal by Process, has developed the “check2PRO” solution in order to provide a web platform allowing centralized management and evaluation of subcontractors' compliance with the GDPR through automated dashboards and workflows.

Platform for improuve guarantees legibility

“compare2pro" is a digital application intended for members of mutual insurance companies designed to improve the legibility of guarantees and the estimation of the remaining payments not covered. Fully adaptable and very ergonomic, it allows policyholders to compare and better understand their health offers.

Telemedicine platform

InAdvans offers a telemedicine/telehealth / tele-expertise solution allowing health professionals and/or patients to be linked in real-time, securely for better care and continuity of care. The ergonomic and easy-to-use “telem2PRO” platform is fully configurable according to your specific business needs. It can easily be adapted to a clinical study to meet the needs of remote visits with patients, or remote surveillance with investigators.

The Management Team

Hubert Méchin

Chief Executive Officer

Benoit Martinet

Chief Information Officer

Solange Roumengous

Developpeur Business

Louise Bariohay-Breleur

Projects Director

Solène Ponthieu

Project Management Officer and DPO

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