In a clinical trial, the verification of the data entered by the investigative centres is a very important step which can now be partly carried out remotely. The mission of the Clinical Research Associate (CRA) is to regularly visit the trial investigator sites to verify the CRFs and control source data, issue correction requests, manage

Platform for patients with COVID-19

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In the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic, telemonitoring, telecare and teleconsultation solutions take on a new meaning for the follow-up of patients suffering from the disease but also for the follow-up of patients with chronic illness who cannot go for a consultation in the hospital. InAdvans developed the telem2pro application that can easily respond

InAdvans APIs

Application programming interfaces (APIs) allow you to reinvent your Database Management Systems (DBMS). To increase your performance, InAdvans focuses on security, compliance, and efficiency by offering a range of API that can be easily be interfaced with your existing software solutions. Do you want to know more? Contact us!

In this unprecedented context, our services and our expertise for the rapid deployment of e-health solutions, place us in a position to help you to quickly act and commit measures as an actor in the management of the crisis. Indeed, the 140 modules that we have developed and which form the basis of our applications,

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Functional Tests

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