Functional Tests

Outsource and increase the reliability of your tests & validation reports for your digital services.

The digital health market is booming and computerized validation requirements are becoming more stringent, especially at the regulatory level.

If you lack resources and time to complete your validation phases, call in experts!

InAdvans now offers a new IT testing and validation service for your web platforms and mobile applications.


InAdvans offers you a complete package: Unit Testing & Acceptance Testing


  1. Risk analysis: definition of critical points, development of risk matrices and preparation of documentation.
  2. Testing & Validation: definition of the testing plan and the associated testing protocol, preparation and drafting of the test sheets, definition of the “quality deliverables” expected according to the regulatory framework, the criticality of the project and the standards in force, execution of the business tests (QO), installation tests (QI) and scalability, stability and performance tests (QP), drafting of the QO, QI, QP reports and associated validation reports, system security (security testing and verification of conformity).
  3. “Compliant by Design” & “Privacy by Design” solution development support: expression of your needs (drafting of the business specifications taking into account the current healthcare regulatory framework), drafting of detailed functional specifications taking into account the current IT best practices, definition of the quality indicators and project monitoring metrics.

Discover our application Check2pro
Screen your web platforms and mobile apps according to the “Standard of Best Practices for applications and connected objects in healthcare” published in October 2016 by the “Haute Autorité de Santé”, the French Health Authority!