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Our mission

InAdvans develops digital strategies for  the regulated healthcare professions, deploying services targeted towanrds industrial actors in the medical sector, insurers, mutuals funds and benefit institutions.

Our solutions integrate the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the digital transformation  of the sectors adn/or  the development of new services, enabling our client to securely capture and manage health data.


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75008 Paris

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We possess a strong medical and market access expertise for processing and collecting health data for medicine uses specifically devoted to Health professionals


We offer privacy and compliant by design solutions and we evaluate  all legal constraints  upstream their conception 


Our team of developers possesses strong expertise and  experience  in  the health sector

The Management

Hubert Méchin

Chief Executive Officer

Benoit Martinet

Chief Information Officer

Thomas Kalaidjian

Insurance Market Manager

Solange Roumengous

Business Developper

Louise Bariohay-Breleur

Projects Director

Solene Ponthieu

Project Management Officer and DPO


Functional modules




Cumulative years of experience



Our services and solutions can support you in the following areas...

Web and mobiles applications development

We have developed a range of ready-to-use web platforms and mobile applications that are compliant by design and can be customized to meet your specific business needs We also develop specific connectors that can be interfaced with existing solutions

Custom development

We develop ad-hoc web and mobile solutions to meet specific business needs. If your needs are more specialized, we can build a unique, on-demand solution

Project management assistance

We provide project management assistance supported by our 3-dimensional expertise: technology, medical and regulatory

Consulting, conformity & audit

We provide tactical digital transformation strategy support for the regulated health professions We perform audits of current and future web environments and web portfolios. We conduct studies on international projects and competitive intelligence. We give strategic recommendations that take the legal dimension into account

Our digital applications cover a wide range of business needs for the regulated healthcare professions and for the insurance industry

Digital management
for expandes access programs

Real-time pharmacovigilance data collection

Reporting of adverse affects
of cosmetics

Collection of declarations for adverse affects of medical devices

Pharmacovigilance e-learning platform for collaborators or services providers

Clinical trial patient support program

Treatment adherence

Pharmaceutical interview

monitoring support

Health quastionnaires
and satisfaction surveys

Improve interactions between health professionals and patients

Post-market clinical follow-up studies for Medical Devices (MDR 2017/745)

Online quote

Secure exchange
of medical documentation




Our Projects


Digital management of Early Access Programs (EAP)/Early Access to Medicines Scheme (EAMS)
The digital solution InAdvans atu2e is a web platform covering by default 90% of the business needs requiring in the regulated processes of EAP Characterized by a very ergonomic and user-friendly front-office it is customizable and adaptable to any more specific need. Since 2015, 5 pharmaceutical companies of the TOP 10 world use it with great satisfaction. To date, this platform, used by oncologists, hematologists, cardiologists, and psychiatrists, has managed the market access of 16th innovative therapies.
Post Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) of Medical Devices
The European Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) EU Regulation 2017/745 tie PMCF data more closely to post-market surveillance and clinical evaluation report requirements. Medical device companies will have to deploy specific patient tracking solutions that facilitate clinical monitoring, the doctor-patient relationship, and the ability to capture real-life clinical data. The device2PRO solution, developed in partnership with Bien Etre Assistance, makes it possible to convert this compliance constraint for DM companies into a relational opportunity with patients and healthcare professionals.
Disease Lens
Epidemiological data dashboard

Janssen EMEA wanted to have an interactive databank on all of the pathologies covered by the group.

InAdvans thus designed this original, innovative, easy-to-access web platform composed of different modules bringing together several therapeutic areas to offer a precise vision of epidemiological data for 40 diseases across 70 countries.

This solution is regularly updated and aims to strengthen communication and encourage public and political dialogue on current European health issues.

Online health support platform

The start-up Concilio wanted to offer its subscribers a database whose objective is to select practitioners based on their skills and specialties. InAdvans has developed the digital platform CONCILIO, which makes it possible for users to search for the right doctors, contact them for appointments and to prepare for these appointments via a preliminary telephone consultation with an available physician.

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