Platform for patients with COVID-19

Videos -testimonials from patients for the Sanitary Memory

As a quick reminder: 98% of people infected with coronavirus recover, a rate obtained from epidemiological studies conducted in China.

It is in a spirit of solidarity and to better serve the individual and collective health memory in the service of the patient, that we wanted to set up this free platform calling on patients responding to the identified symptoms of Covid-19[1] to testify about their disease to help them remember their symptoms and facilitate the relationship with their caregivers and secondly to constitute a valuable source of collective health memory”.  says  Dr. Hubert  Méchin, director and founder of the digital health agency  InAdvans.

The idea for this original platform came from the daily observation of the growing number of video testimonials from patients with Covid-19 symptoms on social networks.    These testimonials could represent useful data for the individual and collective memory of patients. is a secure online, free, platform, that responds to data protection regulation.

A multidisciplinary (unpaid) scientific committee convened in a few days, supports this project and leads the platform from a scientific point of view. : a very simple website for all audiences

This platform[2], very simple, is intended directly for patients, at home or in hospital (when possible). They are invited to create a secured[3] personal account and then answer a short medical questionnaire  (age, sex,  chronic diseases…)…) and to post daily videos/audios structured around their symptoms, the impact of the disease on their daily lives and their quality of life until they are cured.

This database will be a true health memory that will allow each patient to view his videos throughout his illness on his secure account. In the future, according to the informed consent of patients, it will allow to research actors, to conduct retrospective studies based on videos-testimonies “in real life” to analyze the disease on a symptomatological, therapeutic and societal point of view.

People register voluntarily and must, of course, continue to see their GP or specialist if necessary. The platform does not issue teleconsultation or replace a medical consultation.

www.moncovid19 is a solidarity initiative and self-financed by InAdvans (guarantee of independence) to contribute to the effort in France against coronavirus.

The Scientific Committee

  • François Bricaire, PU-PH, member of the Academy of Medicine, Infectiologist and former Head of the Infectious and Tropical Diseases Department of the Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital
  • Caroline Guillot, Sociologist, and Head of Diabetes LAB, French Federation of Diabetics
  • Anne-Sophie Joly, President of the National Collective of Obese Associations and qualified person of the Operational Committee on the Fight against Obesity
  • Loïc Josseran, PU-PH, Expert and Professor of Public Health at the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
  • Jean-François Thébaut, PU-PH, Vice-President of the French Federation of Diabetics
  • Sonia Tropé, Director of the National Association of Defence against Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Pierre-Loup Weil-Dubuc, Head of Research, Ethical Area Ile de France


[1] (The main symptoms are fever or fever. Sudden loss of smell, without nasal obstruction and total disappearance of taste, are also symptoms that have been observed in patients. In people with more severe forms, there are breathing difficulties, which can lead to hospitalization in resuscitation, etc.,

[2] Platform hosted by a HADS (Accredited Host de Health data)

[3] Secure code system OTP  (One Time Password)